See the FEMA Flood Zone before you buy

Nobody wants to consider natural disasters striking as they hunt for their dream home, but at a time when flood and environmental risk is rising with no sign of slowing down, taking a property’s vulnerability into account before investing is crucial.

Under federal law, a lender will force place flood insurance if a house is in a FEMA high-risk flood zone. However, the bank will not provide you proof, or visual evidence of how close a house is to a high-risk area. This task is up to you…


“We are looking at purchasing property that lies in a valley area. Because of the location, am I at risk for flooding?”

The image below shows an example of this type of scenario


Flood Zone Review

A Flood Zone Review allows a home buyer to get a FEMA Zone Determination before the closing process. Don’t let the flood zone catch you by surprise.

I can’t thank you enough for your prompt response and the information that you have sent.  It’s terrific! I’m recommending that my realtor keep your information on file for future use with clients.

-Patricia in Maine

Many thanks for your quick work. You saved us from making an expensive mistake.

-Charles in Nevada


Request a Flood Zone Review